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Welcome Dear User!

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Creating a user account is 100% free and it will provide you a lot of benefits for your digital marketing, freelancing career. It is advised to keep your email address and password in your memory without showing others. As the login process carries out frequent security confirmation, you must have access to your email inbox to open those important emails from our system. Use of fake emails, temporary emails or automated user logins are totally prohibited and it can lead to a suspension or a full-time termination.

  • Country Lock

    If you change your country, our system will request you to reconfirm your login before accessing your user profile. Change of IP address will also trigger some advanced validations, depending on your subnet/country.

  • Safety Lock

    In case someone tries to access your account with a wrong password, our system will lock your user account automatically. This lock will always be temporary and you can gain access to your account after a couple of security confirmations.

  • Birthday Wishes

    Your birthday is a special day for us. We celebrate it with you, and it works as a secret token that connects you and our system together. But do not add a wrong birthday, or change birthday time to time.

Afraid of creating your free user account?

Creating your free user account is really easy, though you may be afraid to submit your personal details to Alexa Master. Therefore, we let you order our services anonymously to identify pros and cons of alexamaster instant web traffic and other digital marketing tools. If you are satisfied, you can create an alexamaster account later to continue your online marketing tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Alexa Master user accounts creation, password recovery, country lock, account suspensions and other.

★ How many user accounts can I have?

We advise you to keep only one user account for your needs. Though we allow multiple accounts for V-VIP users and advertising agencies, freelancers can only have just a single account. Alexa Master AI includes a fake account detection tool, and it can automatically suspend similar user accounts based on historical activity data.

★ Can I use a temporary email address to login?

No. You must register your account by using a valid email address such as gmail, yahoo, yandex, hotmail, etc. Junk emails will be terminated sooner or later. Please read our user agreement carefully, before registering your free account.

★ Can my family members create accounts?

Whoever uses your IP address to login will be automatically listed to identify fake accounts. Please note that we can detect your ISP, hardware details, and HTTP headers, even if you do spoofing, cloaking or similar techniques to hide your data. It is your responsibility to respect our Terms of Service (TOS).

★ How can I recover my password?

You have to remember your full name, birthday and registered email address to recover your password. If you have forgotten those, we are unable to help you even if you can provide us your Master ID.

★ Is it possible to share my user account?

No, Only you can use your user account. Do not share your login details with anyone including our staff members. Accounts with security issues will be locked automatically.

★ Does my account expire after a few months?

No, we will keep your account as long as you let us do. However, our system can reset accounts which are inactive for months. If your account is reset, you must start earning your points again from zero.

★ Why is my login country locked?

Country lock will be activated, in case you access your account from another country. It also happens when you use a VPN or Proxy to login. You can unlock your account for another country easily, if you have access to your emails. Please follow the instructions on the page.

★ Why is my account banned for so many days?

We have moderators who suspend fake accounts from time to time. Sometimes, your account can be locked without a proper warning, if it links with another account that violates our TOS. Please contact our support team for more information.