(A) Terms Of Service (TOS)

Terms of Service (TOS) for members who use Alexa Master platform. Please read this page very carefully.

Last Update : 2021-10-28 12:00 AM, Time zone in Montreal, QC, Canada (GMT-5)


1. Advertising

Everyone who submits their websites, videos, fan pages, blogs or any other URL to get visitors, impressions, pageviews, or other promotions must agree with following,

1.1 Restriction

Do not use our Services to advertise following,

  1. Adults only images, videos, music and any other that violate Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  2. Viruses/malware and other harmful programs like EXE/APK files.
  3. Illegal drugs, drinks and related products.
  4. Terrorist promotions and hateful/hurtful contents.
  5. Third party trademarks and copyrighted contents.
  6. Traffic exchanges, AutoSurf, Pop Ads, BitCoin mining scripts, OR Google black-listed domains.
  7. Websites with technical errors OR Slow/heavy contents

We have 24/7 active moderators who will manually test your advertised links. You agree our moderators have rights to accept or reject your advertised contents.

1.2 Results

We always put our first priority to control quality, then accuracy. Your results will depend on following,

  1. The total members in our community and their activities.
  2. The advertisers who run same advertising campaigns as you are running.
  3. Acceptance or rejection of our moderators, explained under 1.1 Restriction.
  4. Payment reversal or service cancellation triggered by both parties.

We share our advertising space with each advertiser. It might take along time to complete your advertising campaign if the competition is high. Also, we monitor your results using our own technology to prevent the complication of the process. You agree to rely on our traffic reports, analytics and other information we provide inside our service.

1.3 Troubleshooting

You can troubleshoot your technical, payment issues using following ways,

  1. Call our head office in Canada.
  2. Creating a support ticket on this website.
  3. Sending a chat message to our staff members (Affected by other terms here).

Sending direct emails to our automated email addresses like NOREPLY emails will not help you at all. You confirm you understand our troubleshooting process and agree to contact us via above mentioned methods.

2. Freelancers

Everyone who sell, share their services, time in alexamaster must follow the terms below,

2.1 Dos and Don’ts

Do not join us as a freelancer if you cannot agree with following,

  1. We have rights to control your user account, working time, and activities here.
  2. You are responsible for everything that goes under you account.
  3. You must complete/deliver your job, task, service without any delay.
  4. You must visit and check our advertised websites, videos, and fan pages yourself.
  5. You cannot promote third-party services, trademarks, promotional links inside our website.
  6. You must login to your account frequently to claim bonuses, gifts and payouts.
  7. You confirm you are using our service as a hobby, not an employment.

You always have to do following,

  1. Keep visiting this website frequently and keep updated with it.
  2. Keep posting, answering, reading our forums and blogs.
  3. Keep watching our YouTube channel and video tutorials.
  4. Keep contacting our support agents and request for account reviews time to time.
  5. Keep requesting your payouts using one PayPal email to prevent payout delays.
  6. Keep helping other users and also moderators to keep our community clean & active.
  7. Be honest, transparent, and open when you share your feedback.

2.2 Payouts

Our financial team works 24/7 to moderate your payouts. And you must agree with following,

  1. You must provide us a valid PayPal email to send your payment.
  2. We cannot reverse any payout including system donations.
  3. You cannot violate 2.1 Dos and Don’ts nor any part of our user agreement.
  4. The payout process can take up to 30 days for some countries, but normally up to 3 days.
  5. You understand that payout delays, cancellation occurs when you violate our (A) Terms Of Service (TOS) - Alexa Master Community.

We are paying our freelancers since 2013 and all payouts are subjected to Canadian TAX regulations. We never charge service fees and other charges from our freelancers. You should inform us as soon as possible if any payment processor has charged you extra fees.

3. Social Activities

We provide a massive range of social activities here including profile updates, finding friends, and chatting. All activities are well secured and monitored by our automated system. Also, we have a group of moderators who collect your data explained in (D) Data Policy.

3.1 Uploading

You are responsible for your all uploads and agree with following,

  1. You have to upload your own photo as profile picture or user avatar.
  2. You cannot upload trademarks, alexamaster images, nor copyrighted photos.
  3. You are liable, responsible for what you are uploading using your user account.

3.2 Chat Messages & Friends

Every user has rights to add friends and send chat messages under following terms,

  1. You cannot send spam nor promotional links that harm our users.
  2. You must be soft spoken and friendly with others.
  3. You cannot force other users to choose/buy your services or any other services.
  4. You have to spend your points to add new friends.
  5. You can unfriend anyone in your friend list, and you cannot add him/her back.

VIP members can send messages for free and others have to spend their points to send messages. We cannot return your points after spending. You confirm that you understand this irreversible process and you agree with it.

4. Market & Small Jobs

Market is the place where our users buy/sell services. SmallJobs is the section where advertisers can post jobs and find freelancers easily.

4.1 Buying

You have to agree with following terms when you buy any service from the market,

  1. You have to pay using alexamaster points or PayPal account to order the service.
  2. You must contact the seller after buying their service.
  3. You cannot force the seller to deliver their service before agreed time period.
  4. You cannot cancel the order after seller has started their work.

4.2 Selling

You have to agree with following terms when you sell any service in the market,

  1. You must be able to deliver your service without any delay.
  2. You agree the buyer has rights to reject your delivery if you are late.
  3. You confirm you are not selling third party services.
  4. You confirm you understand 2.1 Dos and Don’ts, shown above.
  5. You understand if the buyer is not satisfied with your delivery, you might get a law rating or a rejection.
  6. You agree you will not get paid if both parties are unhappy.

4.3 SmallJobs

You have to agree with following terms when you create or join a SmallJob,

  1. You have to spend your points when you join or create a SmallJob.
  2. You cannot permonantly remove a SmallJob and take your points back.
  3. You cannot spam the job owner and get the opportunity forcefully.
  4. You agree our moderators, admin can cancel a SmallJob without a notice.

4.4 Disputes

Sometime, you may face difficulties with SmallJobs or the Market. You agree to:

  1. Contact the other party before opening a case, dispute, charge-back.
  2. Contact our customer care and discuss your difficulties officially.
  3. Accept our final decision regarding your case, dispute, chargeback.
  4. Request your refunds through our financial department in West-Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.