(D) Data Policy

Data Policy which is connected with Alexa Master user agreement and privacy policy. GDPR use and other policies have been noted here.

Last Update : 2021-10-28 12:00 AM, Time zone in Montreal, QC, Canada (GMT-5)


1. Introduction

Information Technology was the past and Data Technology is the future. Every website needs your data directly or indirectly. We collect your data only for basic requirements like identifying you from other users, contacting you time to time, and improving our service features for you. Somehow, our developer will use your data to protect world-wide-web from dangerous threats like spamming, Denial-of-service, and Brute-force attacks. We confirm your data will not be shared with third-party companies. If you do not like sharing your data with us, just contact us as shown here to cancel your user account.

2. Data you submit us

The following data will be collected when you join our service,

  • Email address, Full name, Password, Phone number for authentication purposes.
  • Gender, Birthday, Star Sign for matching friends.
  • Your web addresses and promotional URLs for marketing purposes.
  • Your feedback, ideas, reviews for service improvements.
  • Your PayPal email, Skrill email, address for payment processing.

3. Data from your device

When you access our website, your computer/browser sends us following data. Please note, the first request will be sent by you with following data,

  • IP address, Operating System, Browser name/version/technology/etc. we use them to improve our service.
  • Latitude and Longitude data by mobile browsers. Yes we can track your location if you give us permission.
  • Previously stored cookies related to our service. You must read our (C) Cookie Policy.
  • Additional HTTP headers that some toolbar/plugins send (e.g., alexa toolbar).

4. Data from third-party services

We are connected with third-party data providers through their APIs. Mainly, we use third-party tracking systems to prevent our community from dangerous threats. The following services will provide us data,

  • Bu.lk® provides tracked data through their Short URLs.
  • Adhu.lk provides data related to bots, malicious software, and proxy IPs.
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel provides only information regarding your visits, pageviews, events.
  • Emails that we send has tracking abilities which you can unsubscribe after account termination.

5. Cleaning your data

We understand your privacy and security. We do not want your data unless you accept our user agreement. Further, our intention is to protect our users, visitors from dangerous threats including terrorists, faked people, and identified frauds. No matter where you are located, we have rights to protect our users from above threats. Considering all dark expeiences that we faced in history, we might keep your data for next 5 years after account termination. If you are from countries in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland, please note that we have taken many threats from IP addresses which are located in your region. We respect your rules and regulations including GDPR. We will clean your data anytime under the policy shown above.

6. Disclaimer

We are not familiar with some local regulations, rules & laws in different regions excluding Canada, Sri Lanka. Please contact us and advice/guide us to learn your local regulations.