Freelancers, Work At Home!

Freelancers, Work At Home!

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DISCLAIMER: will be managed by a different staff and an admin who will support you via their support ticket system. Please note: this is just an advertisement only. Read their Terms Of Service carefully, before you register your account.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Q. What is the difference between and .net? keyboard_arrow_right

    As you know, Developer Dilantha built Alexa Master Community in 2013. Due to a huge customer base, he designed to handle the load. Somehow, many advertisers were uncomfortable with the complexity of that website due to freelancer features. From 31-03-2021, a separate team will handle this website with the Developer Dilantha. If you are a freelancer, please contact admin of from their support ticket system.

  • Q. What type of payment methods are available there? keyboard_arrow_right

    They work with PayPal and their minimum payout is $1 USD. You can also donate your payout to the system to help the development of the platform. If you have a working PayPal email, you are good to go with

  • Q. Can you recommend the service? keyboard_arrow_right

    Yes! Since 2013, Rodee Web Design & Services built a platform to help entrepreneurs and webmasters. All payouts are handled by the financial team in Canada and we guarantee that you will get paid, if you keep following the TOS there. It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules before starting your work.