This document is published to improve the understanding, transparency,and the trust between users and the management of this website.

Last Update : 2022-12-30 12:00 AM, Time zone in Montreal, QC, Canada (GMT-5)

1. Purpose

Web Traffic is the core bone of the online marketing industry. Every website owner needs it to achieve their goals such as increasing website’s ranking, making money from ads impressions and clicks, as well as troubleshooting runtime errors. We are here to provide all kinds of web traffic that our users need for their day to day life.

2. Scope

We are able to generate automatic or real web traffic to selected websites which do not violate our Terms of Service (TOS). The deliverability will be subjected to change with the ongoing demand for our web traffic.

3. Method

We use various techniques to generate our web traffic. Advertisers are advised to refer followings to avoid misunderstanding.

  1. Automatic traffic:This traffic will be generated through a technique called autosurfing. Every registered user in our website can have an autosurf URL (a unique web address) that automatically opens our advertised websites on their browser. This URL is sharable and can be accessed from any country, if the user account is not suspended, or not restricted. A user can open multiple autosurfs, even if one session is permitted per IP. As it consumes resources such as CPU, RAM and bandwidth, this service will cost us money.

  2. Real traffic:This traffic mostly comes from Text/Image/Video ads or backlinks which we post on this website and our partnered websites. Also, the cost of this traffic type is higher than automatic traffic. It is because we have to pay a higher price for ads publishers and content writers. We are unable to predict the deliverability as this traffic happens naturally.

4. Expenses

This website is running under the following minimum expenses. Usually we have to allocate more funds for infrastructure on the go.

ExpensePay PerMinimum CostAverage Cost
OVH 2x hosting servers, domains and licensesMonthly350 USD750+ USD
Cloudflare, CDN and securityMonthly35 USD200+ USD
Mailgun API for emailsMonthly35 USD80+ USD
System development (Min. 40 hours/month)Hour/Programmer20 USD50+ USD
Moderating community (Min. 12 hours/day)Hour/Moderator3 USD10+ USD
Content writing and customer care (24/7)Hour/Agent2 USD5+ USD
Marketing and advertisingMonthly200 USDDynamic*
Freelancer payouts and rewards**Bid66%90%
Banking and other fees**Transaction3%5%

Dynamic* expenses are variables and their values change in high frequency. They will be calculated by the system on the go.

Freelancer payouts and rewards** are mandatory to keep this website up. It is because freelancers and ad publishers help advertisers to reach a wide range of an audience. Since 2013, our first priority is to send payouts to users who genuinely support advertisers to get a better result. The minimum allocation for this expense is calculated as the system runs itself without freelancer’s help. Whenever a user requests a withdrawal, this number changes rapidly.

5. Revenue

We monetize our website by selling VIP Days which are subscriptions to unlock all features in this service. For example, a user who buys 3 VIP days can unlock all features for a minimum 3 days.

We also sell points which can be converted to web traffic. When there is a high demand for our traffic, the advertiser will be informed to spend more points to receive his/her traffic without a delay. This concept will be called Bidding. A person who always spends more will always receive more results. It helps us to grow our revenue and share more money among freelance users who visit this website to earn money.

6. Profit

Whenever a user purchases our service, 3-5% from the amount will be charged by the payment gateway service (Eg. PayPal). The rest will be credited to our bank account in Canada that belongs to Rodee Web Design & Services, Kelowna, BC. The TAX amount will also be allocated from this, in case the buyer doesn’t contribute it.

From the income, we allocate 66-90% to pay our freelancers and the staff crew. For freelancers, this amount will be transferred by the bid that advertisers allocate for each task, visit, click or impression. Staff crew will be paid by calculating work hours and task achievements.

The first week of every month, variable and fixed expenses will be calculated to assume the net income. Founder and shareholders are able to claim their profit after this, or reinvest it to improve the website.

7. Investors

This project is older than 10 years and we are looking for more investors to take it to the next level. Estimated worth of this website is $1,200,000 USD as public records indicate (Check details here). Up to 40% shares will be available at this moment.