Alexa Master SEO!

Alexa Master SEO!

Are you worried about Search Engine Optimization? We have created a nice platform that does SEO/SMO while you sleep. We can generate 100% Organic traffic to your business for the next 1 year cheaper, yet efficiently. In a hurry? Try it free or paid today.

timeline We Brought You 383,852,452+ Real Visits

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Real Organic Traffic

Our long term advertising plan focuses on delivering 100% organic traffic via SEO/SMO techniques.


Adsense Safe

Our organic traffic comes from real, unique human sessions that will not damage your ads on the website.


Verified By Analytics

We provide a UTM Campaign code which will be visible on Google Analytics and similar services.


Focusing More Sales

If you order our organic traffic, we will focus on making more sales by improving conversion rate.

383,852,452+ Real Visits

Since 2013, we have been researching the best way to monetise your online business. After all the hard work, we bring you a groundbreaking, new platform to get 100% real human to your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Q. What happened to the old website? keyboard_arrow_right

    You can access our old platform at easily. There is a new admin who looks after that website and Developer Dilantha keeps managing this website.

  • Q. How long do you provide your support? keyboard_arrow_right

    Once you have ordered our service, we will provide our technical support for the next 365 days, if your order is under the organic traffic category. Basically, real traffic cannot be predicted by an automatic system. Therefore, we need upto 12 months to complete your order, if you focus on quality traffic. If you just want quick automatic traffic, we have also a cheap plan for you.

  • Q. Can I improve sales with this traffic? keyboard_arrow_right

    If you order our organic traffic (Long Term Plan), the traffic we generate will bring you more sales and it will improve the conversion rate. Our developer built this platform to comply with Google’s advertising guidelines. Therefore, the organic traffic will always be real organic traffic that created by our SEO/SMO team.

  • Q. Are you affiliated with keyboard_arrow_right

    We respect Amazon a lot and our team is inspired by Mr. Jeffrey Preston Bezos stories. But please note we are not a part of Amazon, directly or indirectly. This domain name and contents belong to Rodee Web Design & Services, Canada.