Search Engine Optimization Checklist

We all know how essential it is to optimize your website for the search engines. Because, not only it helps your website to index and position properly, but also your buyers can find your website in the first place. Getting found in the first page of search engines are not hard, all you need is to make sure you do everything right, for your home page as well as every other pages that your website has. We have created a search engine optimization checklist for you, so that you can check whether or not you have done all of them right.


1. Meta Data

Once you finish creating your home page, do make sure that you have included the Meta Data for that page. Usually a page’s Meta Data consists of three basic elements:

a. Keyword, which must be in Meta Title and Description.
b. Meta Title (A catchy headline).
c. Meta Description (A small description of your page).

Meta Data

The key of Meta Data is the keyword, do make sure the Meta title and Meta description contain the same keyword that you are targeting for. If you are using world’s most popular CMS WordPress, then there is a beautiful plugin – WordPress SEO by Yoast, which gives you this option for every single page and post for your website. If you do not use wordpress, make sure you put them in the header section of your page.


You have heard it already, may be millions of times, from numerous numbers of people, that you must have good content for your website, to make your website get listed properly in google. To be honest with you, what they say is right – content is the key. However, make sure your content has:

a. At least 300 – 1000 words.
b. A targeting keyword in its content that you have put in the Meta Data, at least once ( 3-4 times is better, but not more than 4).
c. Linking keywords and phrases to your other pages and posts. That means the page must have inbound links for a set of matching URLs with nofollow attribute that open in new windows.
d. Rich snippets implementation, so that search engines listed it accurately.

Snippet Preview

3. Permalinks

Now-a-days pretty or fancy permalinks is default for every website. However, what people don’t tell you is permalink should contain the same keyword that you have put in the Meta Data. If you have a blog post regarding “Alexa Ranking,” where the keyword is “alexa ranking”, do make sure the permalink also has “alexa ranking” in its URL.


4. Social Media Friendly

It is very hard to find an online business who do not have any presents in Facebook and Twitter. They are the key Social Medias of our time and they have changed how we use internet. Your website must be Facebook Open graph and Twitter wildcard friendly to share your content in them. If you have given the Meta Data as we have mentioned, then Facebook and Twitter is good enough to collect those information from them.


5. RSS Feed

Yes, Rss feed is not dead, even though google not running the Feed Burner project anymore, they are still important to get your page listed. By adding a link to your RSS feed, you are pointing the traffic back to the original article, and telling the search engine where they should be looking for the original.


6. Sitemap

Last, make sure you have the sitemaps for your website. Both XML and HTML sitemaps. XML sitemap notifies Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines about the existence of sitemaps. It also includes the images in your posts and pages too, and helps your images be found in the search engines. Whereas, a real HTML sitemap helps your reader find your content easily, if they do not find them on the navigation menu.


7. Genuine Traffic and Comments

Once you have all of them right, then start posting content regularly following this Search Engine Optimization Checklist. Regularly buy points from Alexa Master, become VIP member to get our genuine Geo Targeting Traffic. Google and other search engines love to index those pages which have lots of traffic and comments from user. Now sit back and relax, your business is going to flourish in an enormous rate within just few months.


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  1. Karney Varela
    Karney Varela says:

    G’day guys, I am really looking forward to this checklist for a while. I think it will make me rich soon.

  2. mathias pederson
    mathias pederson says:

    Great post AlexaMaster. I guess I kind of knew these already, but sometimes it is difficult to remember all of these. I will use this checklist from now.


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