Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

From travel itineraries to weekend family dinner, we use search engines and social medias to find what we are looking for. Because we don’t just stop after finding a perfect restaurant, we go to their social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to see what they are offering now, and what others think about them. We often search for reviews before buying or ordering an item, see their Alexa ranking, and follower base. In this age of information discovery, consumer behavior and their preferences have changed a lot, from the most popular method of searching, to the influence of social media and the content that we discover, are the keys to focus, and they play the fundamental roles to make your online business successful.

Know Your Customer

Be Your Customer

Ever since watching the film “The Cobbler”, who doesn’t want to stand in someone else’s shoes? To be that person, to experience his life. It is the same when you want to know your customers, you need to be your customers, then check how well your company serves them, like many hospital in US, who ask their interns to experience the check-in process as fake patients. Do a role playing exercise for all the stage you have in your company.

Are You Referable?

You need to ask yourself the most valuable question in online business, “Why would your customers refer someone about your business?” Is your product, service, or offer referable? Even though social media has change the way for the word-of-mouth referrals, but earning the customers trust and getting their social share are the keys to do business online.

Example of Alexa Ranking

For example, all the visitors that come to Alexa Master are eventually looking to improve their Alexa ranking. People who order our genuine geo target traffic is in need of improving their Alexa ranking, because they already knew this website ranking could change their business. So, this becomes their needs. Your product or service should be a customer’s needs, not what that customer might want. Once you can provide their needs, you can gain their trust and they would refer you if you have a very good timely support and aftersales services. And over time they will become loyal to you.

Alexa Rank of, a potential customer of Alexa Master

Alexa Rank of, a potential customer of Alexa Master

Your Potential Customers

To find out who your potential customers are, you need to get the answer of these basic questions:

      1. Why do they buy your product or service?


      2. When do they buy it?


      3. How do they buy it?


      4. Are your product and service affordable?


      5. What do they think about your competitors?


    6. What do they think about you and expect from you?

Getting answer of all these can help you identify potential customers and their needs, because potential customers are already buying something similar to your product or service from your competitor or someone else. Once you have the accurate answer of these, you are good to step into the next stage – optimizing your website for search engine, promote, advertise, and share your service, product, or content in the vast social media to flourish your business successfully.

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  1. Andraschko Thomas
    Andraschko Thomas says:

    In my opinion, many people don’t actually know their reason for being in business. They should know their customer first.

  2. sasha puleo
    sasha puleo says:

    Business owners often guess what customers want, rather than carefully listening first. Thanks for discussing this.


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