Create SEO friendly web pages

Hello Alexa Master users, Today my topic is, “Create SEO friendly web pages“. Ok, First of all, you must know what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization (Short form – SEO) is the concept that add your web pages to top of search engines. Google, Yahoo (belongs to Bing now), ASK, Yandex, Baidu, Naver are well popular search engines in the world. I am not going to explain all about them here. But I will explain how to go to top of those search engines.

To go to top of any search engine, you need to follow every guideline that has shown below. It is the secret of a well established online business place. Actually, create SEO friendly web pages is not difficult.


Create SEO friendly web pages


How to create SEO friendly web pages easily?

  • First of all, Understand the audience who read your web pages. If you have a seafood related website, your audience are seafood buyers and sellers. They always type fish/seafood related keywords on search engines and look for them. So always think that your pages are for seafood buyers and sellers.
  • Select a well popular keyword to write web page contents. There are lot of keyword tools in the market, but we think they are not professional like Google Adwords Tools. Google has a nice keyword tool with their Adwords platform.  that can show you thousands of most popular keywords. Select a good keyword among them and start writing. (We are helping our members to find most important keywords in their industry. please contact us for more details.)
  • Take a fresh mind and start writing web page contents. DO NOT copy contents from others, DO NOT take content parts from Wikipedia or other information networks. ALWAYS type your business(audience) related contents.
  • When you write your page, please follow these important steps,
    • Webpage title must start with your keyword. If your keyword is “Tuna Fish”, your title may be like “Tuna Fish for the best price” or “Tuna Fish World-wide exporters”.
    • Include your keyword in the first paragraph of the page.
    • Insert your keyword into one or more sub headings ( inside of <h1> or <h2> tags).
    • Add minimum 1 picture which has your keyword inside Alt text.
    • Type more than 400 words in the page.
    • DO NOT type your keyword everywhere. Just write contents freely.
    • DO NOT try to highlight your keywords.
    • DO NOT type complex words. Keep it simple!
    • DO NOT put lot of keywords inside “Meta Keyword“. (Maximum 3 keywords).
    • Always include your keyword inside of web page URL.
    • Add third party webpages which are related to your contents (Use NoFollow links).
    • Keep “Meta Title” between 40-70 characters. It must be attractive!
    • Write a good “Meta Description“. Always understand that “Meta Title” and “Meta Description” are the first impression of a visitor. They must be very simple and attractive.
  • After creating your web page, publish it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So you will get quick visitors within few hours.
  • Try Alexa Master software tools and services to build a big traffic easily.


Create SEO friendly web pages

Market share of Search engines in USA . (Data is not 100% true)


Are you facing any problem when Create SEO friendly web pages? Why don’t you share your experience with us? Just leave a comment here and give us a feed back!

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