Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Neither all contents are equal, nor they are created equality. Each content has its own value to engage customer, whither your write them for your blog or optimize them for search engines. But, it is always much more effective if you create your content while keeping customers in mind – how they will experience it. Because content is the key that gives opportunities to initiate, maintain, and enhance relationship with your customers and make them loyal.


Making Costumer Loyal with Content

Let’s say you want to make your customers loyal, how will you do that? One easy answer will be, you need to write blog posts regularly. However, it does not stop there, because to make your customer loyal, you must also have:

1. A weekly or monthly active e-mail newsletter.
2. Daily presence on most social networks, and
3. Organize direct communication, like webinars occasionally.

And all of these can possible when you have good marketing strategy for your content.

Building Your Strategy

A content marketing strategy can make your website a successful one that can help you do:

1. Search Marketing.
2. Online Advertising.
3. Social Media Sharing.
4. Online Messaging
5. Organize Webinars.
6. Get Product and Service Reviews.
7. Run Forum.
8. Make your blog active, and
9. Get Direct Response from your customers.

So, before your write or design something for your website, consider planning to make your content meaningful, especially meaningful to your customers, whom you’re trying to engage. Then again, if you already have an old website, consider optimizing your current content binding together with right white hat social share technique that let you reach people.

Until it’s been Discovered, Consumed, and Shared

Always question your content marketing strategy applied to a certain content. Does that focus on keywords or customers? Then identify the spectrum of content type and share it accordingly in the social media, because a great content isn’t great until it’s been discovered, consumed, and shared.

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