Alexa Network Failures

Alexa Master Network Hardware Failures

On July 21, 2015 during routine hardware maintenance which doesn’t typically affect customers, we experienced unexpected network hardware failures, cascaded into further issues causing downtime and instability. Our team has been working hard tirelessly since then alongside hardware vendors to restore the connectivity in the system as quickly as possible.

Alexa Master System is very complex and there are many levels of hardware and software that combined together give you the best traffic in the world, in fact, it is one the most innovative systems to promote your business, and very few companies in the world can give genuine geo-target traffic like us – we are the pioneer in it.

The downtime is neither a hacking attack, nor we are dead, rather our engineers are conducting a thorough checking before we make the system live again to public.

We are expecting to return back in service by July 28.

We will give one week worth of VIP and points to every account that got affected during this downtime.

Again, please accept our apologies.

Alexa Master Team

Alexa Network Failures

We are expecting to return back in service by July 28.

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