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Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy

Every visitor who use our website, must follow our terms shown below. Please close our website if you do not agree with any term shown below.

Community Network

Alexa Master community has a separate website which goes under “alexamaster.net” domain name. And it is the core interface of Alexa Master system. It has its own Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy which will be offered to follow when you access the website.

Your Privacy

Please note that we will create a cookie (a small file) in your computer time to time. And we collect your location data, and http headers that you send to our server. We also collect your Full Name, Email when you submit a support ticket. We don’t use above data for commercial purposes.

Email Replys

We always try to answer every email we receive. Somehow, we use a spam protection which will automatically reject some email providers. Therefore, always submit a support ticket to get an answer.

Your Payments

Your payment process is well secured and our financial team will always answer your phone calls 24/7. Anyway, you must create a support ticket to fix any pending payment issue.


There is no direct/indirect connection between alexa.com and alexamaster.com. Alexa Master is a community of Advertisers, Web Masters & Freelancers. We are not responsible for your Alexa Rank. Somehow, our community members use Alexa Toolbar/Plugin in their web browser.