merry christmas

Alexa Master Christmas Updates & Wishes!

Alexa Master team wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year first of all. Please click here to watch our e-wishes. In 2018, we have planned to implement more updates that you will really love. Let see our latest updates in this winter.

merry christmas


Latest Updates – December 2017

  1. Increased maximum payout limit : Now you can request more than 5 USD.
  2. Add more than one website : Free members can add up to three websites now.
  3. AutoSurf can make more points : Now AutoSurf works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.
  4. VIP has 50% discount with minimum bid : VIP members can set minimum bid 2 times lower than Free.
  5. Promote Show Bonus : Get 10 referrals under your account and unlock some features.
  6. Quick order system has discounts : Buy 50,000 visits just for 7 USD. (Click Here)
  7. 24/7 active moderators : We manually check websites, ads and members now!

Why Alexa Master developer is silent?

As you know, our mother company has other projects and the developer Dilantha is working with them. But most of the time, we invite him to write updates for you. Also, he has to create video tutorials in our YouTube channel. Therefore, the developer is silent publicly. Anyway, you can always contact Rodica (Financial Manager) directly through her Facebook account.

Alexa Rank is dying, so Alexa Master will be?

Alexa and Alexa Master are totally different. Alexa Master is all about freelancers who wants to make extra money. What we are doing is, we help advertisers using our freelancers’ man power. In this way, we believe we have a bright future, because we always pay our freelancers at right time!

Alexa Master in 2018 – Plans and Dreams!

We hope this is not the right time to post our future plans. But one thing, how do you feel if you can make $100 everyday using our advertising or freelancer tools? Just keep it as a dream and we will post our plan very soon. Till that, enjoy this happy new year. Do always love your family and the nature. Have a healthy life!

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