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What is Direct Traffic?

Nowadays, every web developer is familiar with the word “direct traffic”. But, do you really know what it is? Have you ever heard how it generates?  Here is a nice blog that will explain everything about direct traffic.

direct traffic

Direct Traffic comes directly from the browser

Let say, you are repeating visitor of Then you keep bookmarked the website and you open it without searching on a search engine, or another site. This direct traffic has a good value when you work with Google Adsense. Because, it highlight that how many continuing visitors that you have. But, if you use Adsense, you must understand the main points shown below.

  1. Google knows your IP address. And it can get your Mac address too. Simply, Google will count an IP address as a unique building which can have bunch of rooms. Let say, you have a router with dynamic IP address. Then every device you connect to that router will have same public IP address. No matter, how many devices you connect. No matter how many browsers you open. Your IP is noted as how it is.
  2. Google put a cookie to bookmark your browser session. Every cookie it put has a unique number to remember the visitor. If you search, on Google or visiting a partner site (Nowadays, more than 50% websites use Google Analytics which is the main core of Google’s data collector), it refresh that cookie session and store activities you do. Scared? you must be, Google knows who you are and what you are capable of. It’s like the Oracle of this generation.
  3. Google keep marked your Ad views, clicks and the time on the page. It knows upstream, downstream sites.

Is Direct Traffic Safe?

It is 100% safe. Every website can get direct visits. And after that, visitor can close the site and do his/her own work. There is no any legit reason to ban a direct traffic. If somebody, say direct traffic is illegal, then he or she must be living in a robotics stage where human keep searching websites 24/7.

A great example : You have an online bank and you are busy to go out. So you directly visit the bank’s website and withdraw some money to your card. Then you turn off the computer. Is that visit illegal?

We have seen some ads providers who try to keep blocked their ad publishers. As we understand, their advertising platform are no longer be active and their publishers will move to other alternatives.

Want to get some direct visitors?

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