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The traffic we provides is visible in popular analytics programs including Google Analytics. There might be counting issue on some analytics platforms, but we can promise that counting error will be less than 20%. It happens with JavaScript restrictions.

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Our 24/7 active members visit your website and they vote your website after moderating. While moderating process, they watch your banners, links, texts, images on page. And will be checking your website minimum 20 seconds. Actually, a moderator stays more than 50 seconds in a website.

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Our community platform has a special security feature to filter bot his. Every visitor you get is filtered by our security system and our 24/7 active moderators keep the platform clean. We promise that your advertiesments will not be clicked by any automated software.

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You can select your target location when you add your website to our system. We have more than 70 active countries which will send you unique visitors from different kind of operating systems, browsers, devices.

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Our system has another special feature to filter mobile traffic. Also we have new mobile apps which will promote your Text, Image ads to a huge audience. Every advertiser loves this feature even it is in Beta stage.

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