Improve Alexa ranking quickly. Latest trick 2016

Are you worried about your Alexa ranking? Want to improve Alexa ranking quickly? Here you can find the perfect solution. We provide genuine quality website visits to suit your budget.

The most important fact is that you’ll receive quality traffic meanwhile improving your Alexa rank. We have created our system for everyone to understand. It’s so simple that a five-year-old kid can do. All you want to do is submit your website to our system and let the magic happens.

At the back end, we will handle all the processing so that you don’t have to do anything besides watching your rank goes up.

improve alexa rank using alexamaster

How does Alexamaster help to improve Alexa ranking quickly?

Before we move into seeing how Alexamaster works let’s have a rough idea about what is Alexa ranking and how to improve it rapidly.

What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa ranking is a rough idea to get a website popularity. The way that Alexa rank is calculated is by collecting the data from Alexa plugin. People from all around the world have installed the Alexa plugin into their web browser. When these people visit websites that is count as a valid Alexa visit. Every Alexa visit helps you to increase your Alexa rank.

So what is the secret recipe to increase Alexa rank?

The secret is that you have to get visitors who have Alexa plugin installed into their browsers. This is where Alexamaster comes in handy. All the members on Alexamaster have installed the Alexa plugin into their browser. These means when each member of Alexamaster visits your site that’ll be count as valid Alexa visits. Hence improving Alexa rank rapidly.

You have two options when you use our system. Either you can choose the free path or the paid way.

If you try the free version of Alexamaster you have to visit others website to promote your website to them. It’ll be time-consuming and a slow process. Don’t expect to increase your Alexa rank rapidly using this method.

The paid method will be the best option for most of the people who has the budget to allocate for traffic. It’ll be a totally different experience. Bellow are the benefits you’ll get as a paid member of AM.

Why do you need VIP membership?

alexamaster vip

  • Change daily traffic limit.
  • Adding more than one website.
  • Getting continent targeted traffic.
  • Getting country targeted traffic.
  • Getting Phone/Tablet traffic.
  • Control visit duration/bounce rate.
  • Hide/Mask traffic referrer.
  • Advanced traffic history report.
  • Request to reset Bad Votes.
  • 10x your Daily Bonus.
  • Adding Banner/Text ads.

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