How to get Alexa rank? The easiest and the fastest way

Is your Alexa rank zero, with no data to show? Here is how to get Alexa rank. Your best solution to get a good Alexa ranking with the competition. Do you know that there is a huge demand to have a good Alexa ranking? Let’s have a look what it means to have a good Alexa ranking.

zero to get alexa rank fast

Benefits of getting a good Alexa rank.

  • Alexa rank is a good measurement to see how popular is a website. Lower rank means more traffic to the corresponding site.
  • It helps the webmasters to see the marketing potential of a website and having a good Alexa rank will attract more advertisers to your site.
  • A good Alexa rank is a social proof for your visitors that the site is well recognized in the online community.
  • You can sell your site for a higher price if you have a good AR.
  • etc.

Before me move into increase Alexa rank. Let’s see how Alexa rank is calculated.

Theory to get Alexa rank fast?

People browsing the web has Alexa plugin installed into their browser. collects data from these plugins to feed their database. Then according to their algorithm, they calculate the popularity of the site and assign a rank to the particular sites.

For example, Google is the number one in Alexa rank. Which means it’s a rough idea that the most visited site in the world is

Now you must be thinking the more traffic means a better ranking.

Well not exactly let’s say every visitor of your site doesn’t have an Alexa plugin installed into their browser. This means Alexa can’t collect data to update their database. If this is the situation the Alexa rank of your website will be zero even though people visit your site.

Find where people who use Alexa plugin

So where do we find people who have Alexa plugin installed into their browser? This is the most important part. Imagine that Alexmaster is a gathering of people who has Alexa plugin installed into their browser. What we do is, we submit your site to an audience with Alexa plugin installed into their browser.

This will give you a huge boost in Alexa ranking in a short period of time. Because all the members in our system have installed Alexa plugin.

You can try our service free

Yes, totally free with no hidden charges. But you’ll need to watch others website in order to get visitors to your site. It’ll be a very slow process if you are in a hurry. Don’t worry we have a paid option too. This way you can increase your Alexa rank rapidly.

So I hope now you understand the importance of Alexa rank. We wish you luck with your online journey.

alexamaster interface


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    • SEO Guru
      SEO Guru says:

      If you are a free member of our service it’ll take some time to have a good Alexa rank. Don’t expect to increase your Alexa in one night. Because will take some time to update their rankings. But if you are on a low budget I highly recommend you try our free service and see for yourself the result.


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