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I hope  you already know what Alexa ranking is. Just in case if you don’t know, let me briefly explain what Alexa rank is and to the importance of having a good one.

What is Alexa Ranking and how it works?

According to Alexa official blog

Alexa rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.

For example, what is the most popular website on the web? Have the answer :). Well, it’s none other than So if you check on for the Alexa rank of it’s in the first place. When it’s come to Alexa rank the main factor they consider is the traffic a particular site gets. That is why Google is on the top of Alexa rank. It’s a rough idea that out of millions of sites Google is the most popular website.

How Alexa rank is calculated?

Alexa gets its data from people who has Alexa toolbar installed into their browser. When someone with Alexa toolbar visits a website it’s considered as valid Alexa visit for that site.

Install Alexa toolbar (widget, add-on, extension) to your favorite browser.

Alexa widget for Google Chrome

Alexa plugin for Firefox

Well, what about the people who don’t have Alexa toolbar installed into their browser. If this is the case Alexa has no option to calculate that traffic hence there is no help to increase Alexa rank. This is why Alexa rank is a rough idea to measure website popularity. Coz not all the people in the world is going to install Alexa toolbar into their browser.

Keep reading I’m going to tell a little trick a secret how you can improve Alexa rank quickly. 

Does Alexa rank helps search engine optimize (SEO) your site?

It’s a tough question to answer. Think about it in this way. Let’s say you have a website which no one visits. Ask yourself will you get the attention of Google crawlers. Probably not. But what if you have a fresh site which receives a lot of traffic. Then you’ll probably have the Attention of Google crawlers. This is the secret. This is what we do here in Alexamaster

We created a platform for everyone to receive Alexa traffic. It doesn’t matter your site is a new one or not. You can receive millions of visits for your need if you add your site into our system.

What is Alexamaster and how can we help you to increase your Alexa ranking.

Alexamaster is the best Alexa rank booster we created to help every webmaster in the world to receive quick traffic into their website. Don’t forget that these are real Alexa traffic from genuine visitors. The secret and the most important fact is that all the members in AM have installed Alexa toolbar into their browser. So we can make sure that you’ll receive Guaranteed Alexa traffic to your websites.

Where to buy cheap Alexa traffic ranking for your site.

If you are worried about the expenses you have to pay to increase Alexa rank. Alexamaster will we the best companion for your online journey. We will help you to improve Alexa rank quickly.

The benefits of having a good Alexa rank.

  • As you see now Alexa rank is a good measurement to see how popular is your site. Lower the rank the better.
  • Having a good Alexa rank will attract more advertisers to your site. Because advertisers need a site with a lot of traffic. So they take a good look at Alexa rank of a site.
  • A good Alexa rank is a social proof for your visitors that the site is well recognized in the online community.
  • You can sell your site for a higher price if you have a good Alexa rank.
  • and much more.

How to get started with AM.

alexa registration forum


Frequently ask questions about Alexa rank.

What are the top Alexa sites?

Here is the top 500 site on Alexa rank.

Can I submit my site to

Here is a good article of how you can submit your site to

What is AM VIP membership?

As a VIP member, you’ll receive more benefits like below listed.

  • Change daily traffic limit.
  • Adding more than one website.
  • Getting continent targeted traffic.
  • Getting country targeted traffic.
  • Getting Phone/Tablet traffic.
  • Control visit duration/bounce rate.
  • Hide/Mask traffic referrer.
  • Advanced traffic history report.
  • Request to reset Bad Votes.
  • 10x your Daily Bonus.
  • Adding Banner/Text ads.

Is AM free or not?

Yes, AM is totally free to use. But if you want maximum benefits it’ll be good to go for a paid plan.

How much traffic can I get from AM?

It depends on your budget. We guaranteed that you’ll receive quality Alexa traffic for a minimum price.

Bellow are some of our sample packages.

  • 300,000 Points with 7 VIP days only for $60.00. Where you can Target 150,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.
  • 500,000 Points with 14 VIP days only for $100.00. Where you can Target 250,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.
  • 1,000,000 Points with 30 VIP days only for $200.00. Where you can Target 500,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.
  • 2,000,000 Points with 60 VIP days only for $400.00. Where you can Target 1,000,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.

If you are low on budget I highly recommend the below packages.

  • 20,000 Points with 3 VIP days only for $7.00. Where you can Target 10,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.
  • 50,000 Points with 7 VIP days only for $17.00. Where you can Target 25,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.
  • 100,000 Points with 30 VIP days only for $50.00. Where you can Target 50,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.
  • 250,000 Points with 60 VIP days only for $110.00. Where you can Target 125,000 high-quality visitors with advanced features.

If you are still unhappy with our mix packages below are some for you to check.

alexa point pack

Below are what people around the world have to say about AM.

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    Hey, SEO Guru, you have missed a point. The most important advantage of having a good Alexa rank is that you can brag about the popularity of your site. 😛


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