Let us help you to Increase Alexa rank fast

Are you tired of searching a proper way to increase Alexa rank fast? Let us help you. We have the perfect solution for your need. We invented AlexaMaster to help every webmaster to gain a good Alexa rank super fast. Our technology will make sure that you’ll get the maximum benefits from our service.

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So how do I improve my Alexa rank?

Well, you have kind of two solutions to raise your Alexa rank. Either you can  buy your way to up your Alexa rank or try the free method available in our system.

If you have the financial resources to allocate I highly recommend that you should buy points with our system. Otherwise, the free method is also good for your need. The main disadvantage with the free method is that it’s a lot of time-consuming.

Let me know where do I start my journey?

First of all what you need is an AlexaMaster account. Below is how you make a one.

alexamaster account registration

After that add your website to our system to watch the magic happens.

add website

The process is simple as that.

Why AM works, the theory explained.

Before we move in to see how Alexa Master works lets us put our attention to see how Alexa rank is calculated.

What is the Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is a rough measurement to see the website popularity comparing to other websites on the web. Having a good Alexa rank will help you to get a good reputation in the online world.

How is the Alexa Rank calculated?

Alexa.com get their data from people who has installed Alexa plugin. Which means you have to have website visitors who have Alexa plugin installed to their browser in order to improve your site ranking.

This is why AM(AlexaMAster) comes in handy. Because every member in Alexa Master has the Alexa plugin installed to their browsers. So when someone from AM visits your site it’ll count as a valid Alexa traffic. This is why it’s so easy to up your AR (Alexa rank) when you submit a website to Alexa Master.

I hope you understand the value of our service. Here is some price list you can purchase using our service.

Special Offers 2016 – Alexa Rank Fast Packs

alexa rank fast price

Mix Packs – Most Selling Packs

alexa rank fast

Point Packs – Quick Selling Packs

more alexa rank fast

VIP Packs – Get Advanced Features

reliable alexa rank prices

6 replies
    • SEO Guru
      SEO Guru says:

      Well, the answer would be Yes and No. If your site is a new one it’ll help you to get some initial traffic. Which will help you to get the attention of Google crawlers. The bad news will be that you’ll have to pay for our service in order to reduce the bounce rate and to get the maximum benefits.

  1. Chipmonk
    Chipmonk says:

    Are your packages are guaranteed? For example, if I buy $60.00 special offer package will I get the exact number of 150,000 visits?

    • SEO Guru
      SEO Guru says:

      There will be a minor difference. But we are working hard to make sure that you’ll get the maximum outcome from our system.

    • SEO Guru
      SEO Guru says:

      I don’t think that Alexa rank is useless. You can definitely increase the popularity of your site coz lot of people put special attention to Alexa rank. This would help to gain the trust of your readers.


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