Best autosurf traffic exchange you’ll ever need.

Are you tired of getting traffic to your site? We know that lot of webmasters struggles to find that initial traffic for their sites. That’s why we created The most advanced autosurf traffic exchange site you’ll ever find on the web.


Why autosurf traffic exchange, AlexaMaster(AM) differs from other sites?

  • Our groundbreaking technologies are here to give the users the most advanced experience in the industry.
  • Not every traffic exchange site will increase your Alexa rank. But here in AM, you’ll increase your Alexa rank in no time.
  • Want to increase your Google rank. Let us help you by reducing the bounce rate of your website.
  • Let real legitimate people visit your site that is trackable through Google analytics and other services.

If you are a Webmaster who uses auto surf sites. Be aware that most of the auto surf site don’t moderate their site on their system. This why is Alexamaster is different. We moderate sites manually so that there will be fewer errors when you auto surf.

The difference between Autosurf site and a manual surf site.


I know that most of the webmasters get confused when they try to understand the difference and the advantages between auto surf and manual surf. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Autosurfs are really essential for webmasters who runs online business and blogs. Because they want initial traffic to their website. They want a proof to show their readers that they are popular on the web. This is why most webmasters tend to use Autosurf.

Because they want a proof to show their readers that they are popular on the web. This is why most webmasters tend to use Autosurf. This help them to reduce the bounce rate of articles and help to rise in search engines like Google.

A manual surfing has its own advantages. Since a real user watches the web pages it helps to increase the conversion rate comparing to auto surf sites. Now I hope you understand the purpose behind each traffic exchange site.

What is Alexamaster (AM)? Is it an auto surf or a manual surf site?

Alexamaster is an auto surf site. The system works as follows. You run the AM auto surf on your computer. For each surf you earn points. These points can be spent to promote your site to other users of AM system. Every member at AM has installed Alexa plugin to their browser. This is the secret behind increasing Alexa rank of your site. You’ll receive quality visits meanwhile increasing your Alexa rank.

Come and see the difference. Join Alexamaster today.

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