The Concept That Can Save Your Money and Time

Start your tour with our amazing concept. It is totally successful and can save your money and time both. Before you start, just try to understand one main thing.

“Advertising is expensive, So stop advertising and becoming an advertiser!”.

A lot of website owners don’t understand the value of their website. They always try to copy others. As an example, everyone try to publish Google ads on their website to earn money. But Google is smarter than everyone. They let you work for them & finally check your work. If you have made a simple mistake, then Google says,

“Oh baby! you broke my rules. Sorry to say good bye …”

So, why you always go after small commissions from advertising companies? Build your own platform to make money.

Active Website Vs Alexa Rank

What is an active website? having a lot of visitors everyday. From everywhere in the world. They read your website, watch it. The visitor has an idea about your website. He/She likes it or unlikes it. Anyway, you have a big community around your website. They are real & you NEVER can buy that kind of active community by following an advertising campaign.

What is Alexa Rank? Hmmm… the answer is, The best tool to play with your competitors and grow your reputation easily. Click here to read more about them. But, we must mention that we have NO personal or official relationship with them. We are just using their awesome ranking system to help small businessmen to grow their business.

What’s The Method?

If you have an active website, Just go to and search for your website. Alexa will provide you a rank Globally and also Locally. Bookmark that page. Also search your competitors’ rank too. Who is on top? You or your competitors?

Anyway, your website rank will be a key to make more money. How it works is, you just show your rank to existing customers(visitors) and tell them how you are popular. Offer them to advertise on your website. Charge a reasonable fee from them.

If your Alexa rank is below 100,000 , you can easily sell 468 x 60 size banner ad for 50 USD per month. You can change rates as you need. But the main thing is, you earn money directly from people. All money is yours. If you can work hard to take more ads, you earn more. Please do not forget this,

“Hard work is more profitable than an easy work…”