Referral List & Daily Points

This help document is related for Referral List, Daily Bonus Points, & earn points from your referrals. Please read the page carefully.

Alexa Master Referral List

  1. Click on “Referrals” button.
  2. And it will open your referral list.
  3. It will only show your daily points link if you are new member.
  4. Also it will show how many points you have received for your daily access.
  5. Double click on it to transfer those points to your account.


Earn Lot Of Points With Referrals

  1. If you need to earn more points, just ask your friends to join with Alexa Master.
  2. And tell them to put your email address as Referral Email.
  3. Teach him how to use this software.
  4. After he create his/her account in Alexa Master, you will see his/her email address under your Referral List.
  5. If she/he login to account daily, you will get 40 points daily.
  6. If you have more friends, you earn more points.
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