New and Robust Alexa Master

Changes, Updates and new features

  • Added a new feature as “Youtube view generator”.
    • No need to add points. Totally free to use.
    • Can add unlimited videos without any restriction.
    • Can make your first 300 views within 30 minutes.
    • Multi frame processing & show time managing.
  • Added new traffic channels.
    • Fast local traffic & global traffic.
    • Reliable sources. And high daily traffic limit.
  • Upgraded server.
    • Now server uptime is 99.99%
    • Loading time is 30% fast.
    • Auto Surfer crashing bug is fixed.
  • Updated source codes and fixed minor bugs.
    • Accessing to system is faster than before.
    • Changed theme colour and added quick shortcut buttons.
  • Now you can earn money with us.
    • You can exchange your points with real money.
    • Minimum payout is $5.
    • You can receive money directly to your paypal.
    • Okpay is coming soon…
    • Earn more points and earn money …!!!


How to Update?

  1. Click here to download Update file.
  2. Copy and paste downloaded file where your Alexa Master software is located. (Default Path: “C:\Program Files\Alexa Master\v4”)
  3. Right click on update file and select “Extract Here” or “Extract” option.
  4. It may ask to overwrite existing file. Just let it overwrite.
  5. Open Alexa Master from Desktop shortcut as did before.
  6. Enjoy!

Click Here To Download Version 4.1 Update File



  1. Youtube view generator is still under testing. So DO NOT run it in slow computers like Pentium 2, 3.
  2. Do not increase Frames in Youtube tool, if you have a single core processor.
  3. Always use an updated flash player in your computer.
  4. Click here to see how to use Youtube view generator.
  5. Please leave a comment, an idea, or feedback below.
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