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How to down Alexa Rank ASAP?

Getting down Alexa Rank means increasing your reputation in web. I am sure, you are confused about this stuff. Let me explain about it. Alexa ranking system is the best tool to compare your competitors. I heard some people say “Alexa Sucks!”. But really, Alexa is awesome. I am telling you this, Alexa rank can bring you a lot of money within a small period. Only thing you need to do is, get a better Alexa Rank.

How to down Alexa Rank ASAP?

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Just look at the graph shown above. It shows Alexa Global rank as 10,426. It means, that is the 10,426th top site in the world. Let’s say you get 9,000 Alexa rank. Then your site is better than above mentioned site and you can make more money than they do. So getting down Alexa Rank is going up in the list.

How can I get down my Alexa Rank ASAP?

  1. You need an Alexamaster account. It if free and you can create your free user account by clicking here.
  2. Then it will provide you free points to get high quality visitors from the system.
  3. Now add your website and put those free points to your URL.
  4. Wait few hours and you will see you get a lot of traffic from Alexamaster.
  5. But you will need more points to get traffic continuously. There are a lot of ways to earn points.
  6. Optionally, you can buy points to get more traffic ASAP.

down alexa rank

What to DO and Not to DO

  • Never try to create fake accounts inside the platform. It will ban your all accounts.
  • Do not use bots to earn points. System detect bots and will be banned your account soon.
  • Do not use adblock plugin and similar. System will detect them.
  • Tell your friends to join Alexamaster under you.
  • Create blog posts and forum links to your referral URL.
  • Buy VIP membership to unlock advanced features.

Here what people talk about their results


What are you waiting for? It’s time to use this amazing website to get down Alexa Rank ASAP.

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  1. Rash
    Rash says:

    At first, I didn’t believe that increasing Alexa rank would be this much easy until I found alexamaster. Wow, what a different it made. I’m so impressed with the result I got from AM. Thank you for your awesome service.

  2. Chithru Mark
    Chithru Mark says:

    I use Alexamaster and I see the improvement of my website rank. I’m so happy about AM service. They really concern about their customers. Responsive.


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