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Growth of Likes Planet

Have you ever heard about Likes Planet? yes I know you have. Likes Planet is #1, most popular social media exchanger in the world. Alexa Master version 3.0 has helped that site to get highest rank in Alexa. It is a new website and very cool. It helps you to have Free Facebook likes, Youtube views, LinkedIn shares, Google+, Tweets, And etc. Also It helps you to get real visitors very easily. Just look at the report below.

likes planet

Reported at 26-09-2013


When look at the graph, you will see that Alexa rank is going higher and higher rapidly. The site was created on Jul 20, 2013. Our Alexa Master has done its job within 2 months. That is why we recommend you to wait few months. Increasing web rank is not a one night job. I takes more time to show its process.

Here I show more reports related to this quick & new website. Check them slowly,

likes planet users

Reported at 26-09-2013

likes planet rank

Reported at 26-09-2013


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Will Likes Planet help you to grow your small business?

Why not? Yes it does. The owner of Likes Planet has said that he is always trying to develop small business. He donate to developing companies & organizations. Their big network has lot of users and developers. So they use their resources to build the world.

There are lot of companies who is on top of ranking using Black Hat and illegal technologies. As we know, they say they are helping people. Yes, they earn 1,000,000USD and donate 5USD. That is their social service. But Likes Planet is different. You can contact its owner directly, and you can ask for credits. So he will give you every facility Free until you grow your business.

We think that the secret of their rapid growth is Alexa Master & their kind service. Click here to visit Likes Planet and contact its owner directly.