Alexa Rank

Get Unlimited Real Visitors

Are you having an online business? Looking for real visitors for a cheap price? Yes Alexa Master can help you to get unlimited visitors forever. We have a great advertising network and always we have more than 5000 visitors online. Just look at the features that our advertising system has,



  1. No bots or Artificial visitors.
  2. No proxy visits.
  3. No Black Hat methods.
  4. Very safe with popular advertising campaigns.
  5. Visitors are coming from various countries with various IP addresses.
  6. Highly trusted visitors.
  7. Visitor stay on your page more than 40 seconds.
  8. Supports Alexa Master software to increase your Alexa Rank.


Package Price List

Traffic Real Visits
Mix Visits
Artificial Visits
5000 Visitors $15 $5 $3
10,000 Visitors $18 $9 $5
25,000 Visitors $40 $18 $10
50,000 Visitors $70 $30 $18
100,000 Visitors $130 $50 $30


  • Real Visits – Real people will watch your website more than 40 seconds.
  • Mix Visits – Real people will open your website for more than 40 seconds. but may be, they won’t watch your website.
  • Artificial Visits – Will include iframe, bots, and popups. Maximum visit duration is 40 seconds.


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