Breadcrumb in google

Get Listed in Google with Breadcrumbs

For years google has been auto-generating breadcrumbs for the vast majority of websites, mostly e-commerce and sites that have hundreds of product pages and dozens of different categories. However, if you are a startup or a small business owner with moderate webpage, and willingly or not willingly have neglected breadcrumb all these years then know that breadcrumb is important in SEO as it is placed high up in the code, which helps the search engines crawling the site easily, and most importantly gives your search engine listings a trustworthy and attractive look.

Breadcrumb in google

Now the question is what will you do if you do not have thousands of pages and handful of categories? Will you wait for that time when you have those and let google auto-generates breadcrumbs for you? Or will you add it to your website from the very fast day you launch it? Definitely you should go for the second option, add it from the time you start your website, and get listed in google with breadcrumbs.

Furthermore, you would be happy to know that google algorithm does not always pick up the breadcrumb even if you have many pages, so it is better for you to put it at the top of your pages. In our experience, putting breadcrumbs at the top does seem to make Google recognize them easier. But before putting them you should know breadcrumbs well.

In simple terms, breadcrumbs are navigations that help users to keep track of their locations within webpages. They reduce the number of actions a visitor needs to do in order to get to a higher-level page, making it a great source of contextual information. Typically, it appears horizontally across the top of a web page, and below the title bars or headers.

Look at this example of our article – Search Engine Optimization Checklist, where the breadcrumb trail indicates the page’s position in the site hierarchy.

Breadcrumb in article

At the top of the page you can see “You are here: Alexa Master » Blog » SEO » Search Engine Optimization Checklist” – that’s the breadcrumb. The last item “Search Engine Optimization Checklist” leads to the page itself. The breadcrumb before that – “SEO” – leads to its category. The “Blog” breadcrumb leads to its parent, which is two levels up the site hierarchy. If you put that manually in a HTML page, the code for the Alexa Master » Blog » SEO » Search Engine Optimization Checklist will be like:

<a href=” “>Alexa Master</a> »
<a href=””>Blog</a> »
<a href=””>SEO</a> »

Based on Location and Attribute

We usually make breadcrumb based of its location or its attribute. Location breadcrumbs are static and show where the page is located, where as attribute breadcrumbs give information that categorizes the current page. From the SEO point of view location breadcrumbs are not appropriate for sites whose content is so rich that single categories do not fully describe a particular piece of content, and a tag may be more appropriate for them.

Designing a Breadcrumb

When designing a breadcrumb navigation scheme, you need to keep several things in mind. The most common symbol for breadcrumb for separating hyperlinks is the “greater than” symbol (>). Typically, the > sign is used to denote hierarchy, as in Parent category > Child category. Beside that we also use right angle quotation marks (») and slashes (/), depending on the aesthetics of the website. For example, if the links do not have a hierarchical relationship to each other, using a “greater than” symbol may not convey their accurately, it’s better to use slashes there and vise-versa.

Breadcrumb in WordPress

If you are using world’s most popular CMS WordPress then Yoast SEO plugin comes with an advance option of breadcrumb if you theme supports it. All you need to do is to go to SEO Settings > Advanced > Breadcrumbs and then enable it. There you can also see the needful adjustment for your preference.

Breadcrumb in youst seo

Once you have all of them right, don’t forget to post content regularly following our tutorial blog, and regularly buy points from Alexa Master, become VIP member to get our genuine Geo Targeting Traffic. Remember, google and other search engines love to index those pages which have lots of traffic and comments from user. Now sit back and relax, your webpage will soon get listed in Google with Breadcrumbs and your business is going to flourish in an enormous rate within just few months.

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