Generate Massive Youtube Views

This help document is about Youtube Views Generator in Alexa Master software. Please keep noted that this option is still under testing.

Youtube Views Generator


For Beginners

  1. Copy your Youtube video URL and paste it in long text box. (in HTTP mode)
  2. And just click on “Run” button.


For Advanced Users

  1. Use above method and put your video URL.
  2. Increase “Frames: value to 9 if you have a Dual Core processor.
  3. Decrease “Show Time” as 2 seconds.
  4. Click on “Test” button.
  5. If video is loading well, click “Run” button.


Special Note:

  • This tool is still under testing.
  • We have detected a crashing issue on some Flash Player versions. So Please update your flash player before run this tool.
  • Do not run the tool if you have a small CPU like Pentium 3.
  • We have noticed that Youtube freeze counter after 301 views with some user accounts.
  • So, our partner company has a tool to fix this problem easily. So just contact us If you face any issue with this tool.


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