Boost Alexa Rank

Boost Alexa Rank

There are lots of websites with different methods to increase website rank, but only very few of them works. We compared and studied every metod out them and then made our system with the most effective method to generate traffic and boost Alexa rank. Our platform is most feature rich to get unlimited genuine geo-targeted visitors to any website.

Method to increase Alexa Rank


Our method is smart

  • Our network includes a lot of members from every country in the world.
  • They run our system to earn money or to get free traffic to their websites.
  • Anyhow, they are making a huge traffic on our network everyday.
  • If you need traffic, you should join us first.
  • Then we share our traffic with you locally or globally.
  • If you use Alexa Master everyday, you will be able to get more traffic and grow your rank more!


Everything is just few simple steps!

  1. Create a new account in our system.
  2. Login to Alexa Master using your E-mail and Password.
  3. Add your website to our system.
  4. Add points to your website. Watch the amazing traffic.


How to get unlimited traffic?

  1. Our system takes points from every user to generate visits.
  2. Normally, you get free points when you login to your account at first time.
  3. You can use those points to get visitors.
  4. To earn points, there are different methods inside the system.
  5. Run Autosurf daily to earn points and use them to get an unlimited traffic


Let us know your expereince.

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  1. Dilantha
    Dilantha says:

    After adding your websites to our system, we submit them to our ad-network. And specially, we submit them to registry where major search engines collect more data. If your web pages are search engine friendly and optimized well, you will rank on top of major search engines. Thank you!


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